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Trollface Quest Games A lot of times when you are bored, you might be using Video games as a way to pass the time and keep your mind occupied. Well, this is the perfect kind of game for relaxing your brain and just playing without any pressure. The game is a part of a fast growing Genre called Point and Click, and it is published by Pitergames. The game was met with a bad reception from the community, and it was generally viewed as shady and suspicious. The simple reason for this is that a similar game had been released before TrollfaceQuests, called Trollface Game. The game was of very low quality and many just even call it a hoax. Luckily though, over time people started to accept the new Game and started to differentiate between Trollface Quests and the similarly named failure. The Trollface Quest Series is made up of 15 flash game titles, and there are more on there way. The main platform for the game is the PC, although a few parts can be played on the iPhone. Playing Guide Well the first step to playing a new game is to find out how it is actually played. Even though this is only a Flash title, you would be surprised at some of the tricks in Trollface Quests. Most people like to get to know everything before they even start playing, because knowing the secrets of a game will mostly lead you to being victorious and completing the game in a short amount of time. So yes, some people like to see what's happening in the game before the actual game starts. But no matter if you are a regular or serious gamer, when it comes to Trollface Quests, you can just jump straight in. Even though there are a few sneaky tricks here and there, it is nothing really important and the game is playable without it! This is a refreshing change for every serious Gamer, as most games need brainstorming, proper planning and skills in order to beat the Enemy. Here, you just simply click play and go with the flow. The second best things is that, unlike any other game, the Trollface Quests Series has no logic or technique to it. Every level is illogical and weird at best. There is no regular flow to the game, and you never know what kind of instructions you will be getting in the following level. This is beautiful because you can't prepare before you actually reach that level, so no brain straining for you! While the game really has no chronological flow to it, don't be going around thinking that you will beat it in a few clicks. The levels get more weird as you go on, and seeing through some of them will certainly be a challenge. This is because the game is simply not made for serious gaming, and should only be used for a little regular entertainment. There is no story, no saga, no heading, no destination and no goal for you to reach. It is just a simple series of challenges that you need to complete so you can progress to the next level, simple as that. While you will be needing a certain precentage of your cognitive ability during the game, it is just enough so that you are amused while being relaxed at the same time. You will not be able to think about the next challenge for one simple reason, you will have no idea what's coming next! There will be a few mind tricks just to wake up a bit, like weird puzzles or bizarre characters. The game will keep you engrossed while not giving your brain a hard time. Certainly worth a try A game which gives you a break from the daily shooters/RTS games is certainly a valuable Title in my book. A game where you will simply need to go with the flow and face things and obstacles only when they come. Each passing level brings something new and something a little more challenging. While you will enter as an unsuspecting bored player, by the time you pass a few levels you will find yourself completely engrossed and entertained without even thinking about it. The unpredictability will certainly suite you, as all of us strive for change once in a while. As you could guess by the title, you will get trolled as you progress further along, but that's just a part of the experience! The game will come at you from all sides, and it will do it by surprise. Certainly an excellent title to pass your free time. If you get interested and want to continue playing, don't worry, fifteen Titles are already out!