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Game Info: Troll Face Quest Games

Troll Face Quest is taking over the internet. Funny puzzle game is played by millions of people on different platforms. People are playing Troll Face Quest franchise on mobile phones, desktop computers and hardcore puzzle gamers probably play it on a smart TV. Who would think that such a simple game can become so popular, probably popular as the most played games today, like Apex Legends, PUBG, and other action games? Thankfully Troll Face Quest is a different type of game, and because of that, it is targeting a different type of gamers. Casual players also love to play it because the game is funny, trains your brain but at the same time trolls you. After all being a trolled by a troll face is the point of this game.


Who is the Father of Troll Face?

Trollface was first time published in a comic in 2008. The comic creator is Carlos Ramirez, and he is the one to blame for all the troll faces over the internet. Trollface was firstly used in funny memes which took over the internet a decade ago. Everyone today recognizes the troll face. And that was probably the reason why game developers created a troll face game. But I am sure they alone didn’t think that this game will be such a hit.


Story Behind a Troll Face Quest Success

We are living in a modern world where good things can be recognized. But many good things are not known because people didn’t pick them up. Because of that, we have influencers. Influencers are people who talk about various things on vlogs, blogs or live stream they talk shows or presentations. Game streamers all over the world at least once played a Troll Face Quest game for their fans, because people who watch streamers want to see their favorite streamer reactions to the game. That’s how game streaming works, and what is the best way to entertain your audience than playing a Troll Face Quest game and taking the pranks from the troll face. At least you are going to get a good laugh.

For streamers and gamers who have rage problems this game is not recommended. In the game, you need to solve various puzzle scenarios, and some of them look easy and even common sense says that things need to be done that way, but not the troll face, he has a secret prank for you. Because of all the pranks and jokes on the player account this game is not recommended for a people with a thin nerve.


The streamers who can handle the pressure of pranks and jokes on their account got a positive response from their audience, and Troll Face Quest from there become a viral game hit which is spreading on all kind of platforms and is played by people of all ages. But mostly males from 13 to 40 years are giving the most positive feedback.


Troll Face Quest franchise is not dying or leaving the stage because the game is having new releases with new pranks and more jokes.


Review of Some Best Troll Face Quest Games


Troll Face Quest TrollTube


Youtube edition Troll Face Quest game is an ideal game for the YouTubers and people who enjoy watching weird viral videos on YouTube. Many famous videos are introduced inside them, and you need to recognize the scenes and play the game in that way. The game introduces, beaver, Miley Cyrus, scary computer prank, PewDiePie, culinary shows and much more from the latest most amazing videos on YouTube that everyone remembers.


Troll Face Quest Video Pocket Edition

Just like the all game series you need to solve puzzles. But here in a video pocket edition, you are solving video memes puzzles.


Troll Face Quest TV Shows

In this series, you are solving puzzles based on the most popular TV shows. All the best TV shows are in the game, X-files, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Sherlock and many other recognizable shows by a vast audience.


Troll Face Quest Horror

If you love scary games and solving the puzzles that end badly because of wrong decisions, then the Horror version is a perfect game for you. This Troll Face Quest Version is weird, and I recommend this series to people above 18 years.


Troll Face Quest is a puzzle solving game, but it is a unique game that actually deserves its own genre. We should call this genre puzzle solving troll game. Many puzzles you are going to solve will be easily solved, but the game will trick or so call troll you and you will get angry or maybe not, it all depends on your trolling resistance level. People who can not handle a little trolling should work on that resistance level. If you are new to the Troll face Quest games you are lucky, there are probably ten, and even more, different versions of the Troll Face Quest games, above I mentioned some of the most popular, but you can play them all and see which one is best for you. People who are not into horrors will not live horror series, but I am sure everyone loves Troll Face Quest TV Shows version. Memes in the game are so good done that after you are done with the game, you will like your favorite TV show even more. 

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