Trollface Quest Series

Game Info: Trollface Quest Series

Trollface Quest Series is a game that has one of the most popular face on the internet. Popular troll face meme is a leading character in the game, and your job is to keep the Trollface character alive. Not everyone likes this type of games, but these games are extremely fun. If you love point and click adventure games, then you will enjoy playing Trollface Quest Series. Trollface Quest is not like other adventure point and click games. In most standard adventure games you need to solve puzzles which are logical. Problem solving in such games is straightforward, sometimes you have no idea what to do but with logical thinking you can solve the puzzle after some time. In Trollface Quest that is not the case, you will die in a most unexpected manner. The levels you need to pass will be illogical and confusing, but that is the reason why people love to play Trollface Quest. If you can’t handle losing then this game is not for you. If you have nerve problems, you should not play this game. This game will troll you and on many levels, you will be lost and will not know what to do. But that is the beauty of this series, the game will always surprise you in the most negative way.

Trollface Quests Series Gameplay
There are more than 13 games in the series. All maps are available with all kind of puzzles and solutions. Some of them will be a nightmare to solve, but if you have anti troll spray, you can do it. The other solution to help to pass through the levels is cheating. You can search the internet for walkthroughs and pass the Trollface Quest that way, but I warn you that this is not the best way to play this type of game. The beauty in this game is to surprise you and give you a troll face at the most unwanted time. If you ever troll someone, then you know what I am talking about. Trolls will love this game and will even get some additional ideas to perform some of the moves found in the game in real life. I warn you not to try any actions found in the game in real life or else you may get in trouble.

Professional or Casual Gamer
Real professional players, streamers will play the game like it is supposed to be played. They will jump in the game and try to solve the puzzle without the walkthroughs, cheats or any other help. These professional gamers at the same time don’t want to get trolled, especially if they are streaming a game to millions of fans. Guess what, they started to play a wrong game. Trollface Quest will troll you sooner or later, and you will die, over and over again without a good reason. There will be bombs on a level that have no clues that there is a bomb. You will be told to do something only for bad thing to happen. Sometimes you will listen to the hints in the game, and you will die, other times you will not listen, and you will die again. The game is a real troll, you will get frustrated, and only the best trolls that can handle humiliation can solve all quests and pass all levels.

To play Trollface Quests you can not prepare yourself, you can not expect to win because there is no logic. We can agree that troll meme face is weird and at some way scary, but the game is even more weird, weird things will happen in the game, things you will not understand, embrace them, pass the level and move on, don’t overthink.

Some people will say that this type of games is good for brainstorming. And I agree with them Trollface Quests series can make you think out of the box and at the same time, your brilliant idea will be punished by the game because you forgot that this is the trolling game. This game is one of the best ways to get relaxed and have some fun. If you love funny, weird games Trollface Quests will make you laugh, but remember if your nerves are low and you don’t like losing then this game is not for you. If you are such a person you will not relax, you will get even more piss and even start to demolish computer equipment on the table. I warn you and at the same time dare you to play the game. The challenge is on, can you handle it?


Game Without Goal, Only Fun
There is no goal in the game, and that is what makes the game relaxing. If you die you die, you are reborn, and you can try again, there are unlimited lives. Some people play the game just to see funny dying situations. Since you have infinite lives, you can watch the Trollface character die over and over again in a funny way. I love levels with toilets, this situations always make me laugh because toilet jokes are the best. If you add trolling to a toilet joke, you get a weirdest laughable situation possible.

I hope my review of Trollface Quests series have put that itch that you need to scratch by playing this mega weird game. If my mission is successful i wish you good luck, you will need it.

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